Suplari’s mission is to enable enterprise companies to achieve better business outcomes through AI-driven insights. The Suplari Intelligence platform gives Procurement and Finance teams full visibility and supplier intelligence across their enterprise spend, contract, and procurement data to quickly identify cost savings, maximize profits, increase compliance and better manage risk.

Suplari delivers value in three ways:

Data Integration & Cleansing – Suplari sits on top of your third-party enterprise systems and systems of record and securely moves your finance and procurement data (such as contracts, account payables, T&E, corporate card, PO’s, invoices, preferred supplier data, and usage data) to the cloud.  The data is then integrated into the Suplari Unified Data Model.  Suplari’s AI algorithms clean, normalize, categorize and enhance the data by combining it with other data sets that are essential to making informed decisions, including supplier details, news, cybersecurity, parent child hierarchies, diversity, and corporate social responsibility to name a few. By connecting relevant data points from disparate applications, Suplari actually makes your data better than it was originally.

Automated Monitoring via AI-Driven Algorithms – Suplari leverages algorithms to constantly monitor, analyze and score your spend, your suppliers and your contracts, searching for new opportunities or insights to reduce spend, reduce risk, or increase compliance to policy.  Suplari comes with out-of-the-box insights and can be customized for enterprise specific insights.

Powerful Analytics, Workflow, & Savings Tracking – Suplari provides a best-in-class, modern analytics and BI tool, empowering everyone in your organization to proactively manage 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers and spend with the insights they need to reduce spend and mitigate risk.  As Suplari uncovers insights, it provides you with powerful analytics, workflow/insight resolution and savings tracking to justify investments and strategic initiatives.

Suplari’s AI-driven platform enables enterprise companies to make better decisions faster to achieve stronger financial performance.  Suplari’s insights proactively uncover spend reduction, risk management, compliance and supplier intelligence opportunities.

Procurement teams typically closely manage only the top tier suppliers, leaving tier 2 and tier 3 suppliers largely unmanaged.

The Suplari Intelligence platform democratizes supplier, spend and contract data to every manager in the enterprise.  Suplari provides insights and alerts to enable every manager to be more responsible with their investments.

Suplari aggregates data from across enterprise systems like contract management, the ERP, the P2P, and other internal systems used by the company.  Suplari integrates, cleanses, normalizes and categorizes data, provides powerful reporting, and provides insights into cost savings.  Suplari up-levels your procurement and finance team from managing data and reporting to working strategically across the business.

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