Sirion Labs

Sirion is an award-winning supplier and contract governance platform that was conceived to address the inability of the traditional procurement technologies to effectively handle strategic services contracts (e.g. IT, BPO, facilities management, logistics, construction, professional services, etc.).

Due to the complexities inherent in services engagements (tracking value delivered is difficult, delivery models and performance definitions are complex, pricing terms are variable, tenures are long, relationship management is critical, etc.) services contracts, unlike goods contracts, need to be granularly managed during the post-signature phase to generate the desired outcomes. Industry data shows that ineffective governance in services causes significant loss of financial (up to 12% of contract value) and business value.

Sirion addresses the above gaps through its unmatched functionality depth and automation purpose-built for managing complex services contracts, especially during the post-signature part of such engagements.

Sirion is a novel SaaS product which uses artificial intelligence and NLP to assist large enterprises to manage their strategic suppliers (e.g. IT, BPO, facilities management, logistics, construction, professional services, etc.) by extracting the obligations within the contracts and tying the performance of those obligations to invoices received from the suppliers.

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