SIGInnova Innovative Products Program

Partnering with 28 year old Sourcing Industry Group, SIGInnova seeks and supports innovative products to help SIG’s F1000 member enterprise companies improve Source through Supply Chain performance.  For selected products, SIGInnova helps to match products to specific company needs, reduce barriers to early-stage sales and provide facilitation and guidance during the sales process.  This enables providers to more efficiently allocate their time and financial resources, achieving faster levels of product profitability.

Services for Enterprise SIG Members

SIGInnova assists members to accelerate performance through innovation by:

  • Providing you with additional, screened innovative product choices with the potential to significantly improve your performance
  • Enabling you to benefit from the collective experiences and wisdom of other members with similar needs and who are considering or are implementing these products
  • Pre-negotiating special pricing and terms offered by providers to SIG’s members
  • Providing Innovative Sourcing education and support.

If you’re currently investigating products to meet a specific need, we will be pleased to share pertinent research information with you and possibly network you with other SIG members who have adopted or are considering pertinent products.

SIGInnova Participation by Influencers and Advisors

SIGInnova welcomes participation by industry influencers and advisors who are members of the Sourcing Industry Group.  These participants enrich discussions, help to identify meritorious products for consideration, and help inform the buying community about selected products.  A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available to further identify your firm with Sourcing Innovation.

Thank you for your interest in SIGInnova. Please complete this form for more information and to help us better understand how to serve your company.