Participating in the SIG Innovation Accelerator may enable you to quickly move your company’s performance into high gear at low cost and with little risk.

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The SIG Innovation Accelerator (SIA) offers a portfolio of services to help develop and improve the innovation pipeline for Source through Supply Chain and related functions. By leveraging the ideas, experience and buying power of SIG’s globally-recognized member companies, the SIA seeks to facilitate innovation and improve profits while simultaneously reducing risk for both buy-side companies and product providers. Innovative products that serve this market are eligible, regardless of whether they come from emerging or long-established companies.


Services to help your company succeed with innovative products for Source through Supply Chain.

SIA Colleague Program

Join the SIA Colleague Program, which includes a listing in SIA’s online catalog. This is the first step for innovative providers.

Product Review and Acceleration

Nominate a product for review and consideration for SIA’s Acceleration Program.

Product Focus Groups

Present online to a group of select procurement executives to get feedback on your product and/or marketing and sales strategies.

SIA Educational Program Series

Participate in online courses offered by SIG University to increase your knowledge and understanding of considerations by procurement departments in evaluating and purchasing products.

Product Transformation

SIA partner Creatze identifies and collaborates with product providers outside the Source through Supply Chain function to transform those products in ways that may also serve the SSC space.

Accelerated North American Success

SIA partner Creatze helps offshore companies accelerate their entry into and successful growth with North American buy-side companies.

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